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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

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Success Stories and Outcomes

Kids at School

"Gun and student apprehended. Students are safe. Officers on scene, no students were inconvenienced or disrupted."   —Message after a Safe2Tell Tip


"I really like how the dispatcher engaged with our students reporting this one. Great patience and kind. Very cool!!" —Comment from a School District Security Director regarding a Safe2Tell Dispatcher


“I appreciated being put in touch with the various dispatchers to be able to speak with the officers responding to the call. I was very impressed with the officer from the local police department He was very helpful and understanding.” —Comment of a School Administrator


“[Safe2Tell provided] terrific information in a timely way. Stud ent was out of class ten minutes after the tip was called in. Thank you very much.”  —Comment of a School Administrator


“We are so grateful to the tipster for alerting us about her/his friend. The information given was perfect to instigate immediate action to help the student. Thank you so much!” —Message from a School Administrator


Tips and Responses:



Planned School Attack Tip: Numerous tips were reported regarding a photo that was put on social media depicting writing on a bathroom wall that said someone was going to shoot up a local high school on the following day.

Response: Local law enforcement and school officials worked together to investigate, numerous students were interviewed, and video camera systems were reviewed.  The student was identified, and police apprehended the individual.


Planned School Attack Tip: Multiple tips were received from students concerning a planned school attack. The reports gave additional information regarding a high school student who was making statements of his plan to kill others.

Response:  School Resource Officer, school counselor, and dean of students met with the student. Parents were contacted and advised of the situation. Student saw outside therapist and was later admitted to the psychiatric hospital.


Suicide Threat Tip: A tip was received about a potential suicide student who was asking friends for tips on how to commit suicide through text message.  The reporting party was concerned the only thing preventing the student from following through was that their parents were home.  The reporting party was texting the suicide party as the report was received by Safe2Tell.

Response: Officers quickly responded and found student to be suicidal. The student was transported to a nearby mental health center for evaluation.


Self-Mutilation Tip: A web report was received from a reporting party concerned about a friend who was suffering from depression and was believed to be engaging in self-injury (cutting).  The reporting party also stated the friend mentioned ending her life.

Response: Upon receiving the report, the school resource officer contacted parents who confirmed that their daughter did have cuts on her right thigh. Parents agreed to take her to a mental health facility that day. Student received help and developed a plan to follow up with mental health specialists.


Suicide Threat Tip: A web report was received that included dialogue from a 16-year old girl who was self-reporting cutting as a way to cope. She sent in photos of her cuts and was given information on a counseling hotline she could call. She continued to give information on how she was feeling and that she had recently been released from a treatment center. CSP Pueblo called Susan Payne for assistance and together the team used 2-way dialogue to continue to communicate. The reporting party freely gave her first name and the school she attends. The situation quickly turned into a life-threatening concern as the girl stated that she wanted to commit suicide and sent in the following message, “It's around my neck... I can't... Good bye. Forever.”

Response: As the report was being taken, the district security team was notified and was frantically searching their records and database for a student with the first name given who had recently received treatment at an out-of-state facility. They were able to narrow their search and give the information to law enforcement. Officers quickly responded to the home to find the student hanging herself in her home. The student’s life was saved and she was transported to the hospital for an M-1 hold.


Suicide Threat Tip: It was reported that a 15-year old girl, who was showing signs of depression messaged someone saying “goodbye” and shortly after she sent another message stating she was "too far gone.”

Disposition Report: Local law enforcement responded and found that the student was depressed and suicidal. She was transported to the hospital and put on a mental health hold.


Child Abuse and Depression Tip: A report was received with concerns about an 18-year old senior who had told someone in class that he was planning on killing himself. He said the night before he drank a bottle of vodka, drove a car into a fence, got in a fight, got stabbed and is going to kill himself. His dad abuses him and won't get him help. They reported that he also drinks and does drugs at school every day.

Response: Local police responded and spoke with student. He was placed on a voluntary mental health. School followed up with a safety plan for the student.