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Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.
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Safe2Tell Colorado Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide


Safe2Tell Colorado is a Colorado model prevention strategy operating under the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Department of Law. Founded in 2004, Safe2Tell Colorado is the law-enforcement led component of School Safety for the state of Colorado. Colorado schools are required by the Colorado Department of Education to include Safe2Tell Colorado as part of school safety planning.

The mission of Safe2Tell Colorado is to ensure that every Colorado student, parent, teacher and community member has access to a safe and anonymous way to report any concerns to their safety or the safety of others, with a focus on early intervention and prevention through awareness and education. 



Safe2Tell Colorado calls, web and mobile app tips are answered 24/7/365 by trained communications professionals. Reports are sent to the appropriate school and/or law enforcement agency for investigation and follow-up. 

Safe2Tell Colorado requires a Disposition report be returned on each tip report, notifying us of the outcome. Disposition reports may be filled out by clicking here.



It is vital that every school submit their administrative contact information to Safe2Tell Colorado. This ensures that the correct individuals are notified in the event of a Safe2Tell Colorado report involving their school. Please fill out Safe2Tell Colorado School Contact Form using the online request form or call our administrative office at 720-508-6800 for more information. 



According to Colorado state law (C.R.S. 07-197, C.R.S 12-097, and C.R.S 14-002) the anonymity of those making Safe2Tell Colorado reports is protected. It is imperative that those responding to Safe2Tell Colorado reports abide by the law and seek to protect the reporting party from threats, intimidation or retaliation. The content of Safe2Tell Colorado reports also is protected and inadmissible in a court of law, except under in-camera review by the presiding judge.

The information in Safe2Tell Colorado reports belongs directly to the school involved in the pertaining information. Any reports or information contained therein are not shared with any entity requesting that information for public use.  C.R.S. 22-32-109.1(3) & C.R.S. 19.1.303 and 304 require interagency information sharing in order to assure a safe environment for students and staff in Colorado.



Your organization should determine the practice and procedure for routinely handling Safe2Tell Colorado report issues in a confidential and anonymous manner. It should be clear to your staff who will receive, investigate and complete the Disposition report for each Safe2Tell Colorado tip.

Note that Safe2Tell Colorado reports will be sent via e-mail to schools and call and fax/email to all law enforcement communication centers. It is important that staff protocols include measures to ensure that students, parents and other staff do not intercept anonymous and confidential Safe2Tell Colorado reports while volunteering or working in the area a Safe2Tell Colorado report may be received or printed. For a list of frequently asked questions, suggestions and helpful hints, visit our Frequently Asked Question Page.



There are two key components to increasing awareness of Safe2Tell Colorado in your school:


It is recommended that all staff involved with students at every level be aware and familiar with Safe2Tell Colorado, why it is important for students, and how it works. This not only educates staff on the importance of student issues regarding the code of silence, it also enables them to communicate the need for students to tell in a way that keeps them safe.

Studies show that students perform better academically in safe learning environments where there is a fair and equitable enforcement of the rules and open avenues of communication to report dangerous or threatening behaviors. Furthermore, students thrive when they have at least one caring, committed, pro-social adult involved in their lives. When school personnel reiterate these messages in a strength-based and positive manner, it contributes greatly to a safe school environment. Remember community partnerships also are a valuable tool in reiterating the Safe2Tell Colorado message with a layered, multi-faceted approach.


While Safe2Tell Colorado materials in the form of posters, student cards, I.D. badges, banners, student planner reminders, etc. are important tools in providing Safe2Tell Colorado availability for students, it takes more than a poster on the wall to teach young people the importance of “telling” when they have information that could prevent a tragedy from occurring. 

According to the U.S. Secret Service 81% of the time a violent act occurs on school property, at least one student had prior knowledge of the event but failed to report it. Students must learn the importance of taking every threat seriously and reporting it in a way that keeps them safe.

Safe2Tell Colorado has created free online resources to educate students on the importance of reporting concerns and how to anonymously report to Safe2Tell Colorado. PSA videos for students and supplemental materials for classroom discussions and parent engagement are available for download on the Student Education Toolkit page.


For more information about Safe2Tell Colorado awareness and education resources, call the Safe2Tell Colorado Administrative Office at 720-508-6800.